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Our Curriculum

The curriculum used by Go Christian Academy is WEE Learn for our ones – three-year-old classes. WEE Learn is produced by LifeWay Christian Resources. The WEE Learn Curriculum is designed to offer learning activities which are directed toward language, reading readiness, math, and social skills. This program is designed to help Pre-Kindergarteners develop as Jesus did – physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially (Luke 2:52).


Along with the WEE Learn curriculum, we also use the ABEKA curriculum for writing and phonics, and Hands-On Math for our Pre-K 4 classes. We use the full ABEKA curriculum in our Kindergarten and the 1st grade classes including the Bible curriculum, and the ABEKA curriculum for the 1st-4th grade. 


The ABEKA curriculum provide all subjects; math, science, social studies, language arts, writing, reading, phonics, and art. Both curriculums cover all Georgia Standards and have been approved by the Georgia Accreditation.


The Bible curriculum teaches the stories from the beginning of the Bible starting with Genesis and the creation and goes all the way through the New Testament teaching the life of Jesus and the life of Paul by learning scripture verses, with scripture questions and answers, and prayer.


Additionally, we offer Music and Movement, and playground or gym time for our Ones through Kindergarten classes. Pre-K 4, Kindergarten, and elementary students also receive Music, Spanish, Art, and Physical Education. All specials are taught on their age and grade requirements.


Our Elementary students, Kindergarten and up will visit the church library and be able to check out books weekly. Our church library is updated with age-appropriate books and promotes young readers to develop a love of reading. Go Christian Academy will also offer the nationally recognized Accelerated Reader program for Kindergarten through 4th grade.


Throughout the year we have “in-house” field trips where different programs and events will be shared with the students in all classes. For example, Curious Moon Puppets, Barn Yard Animals, and Atlanta Zoo, along with an array of programs, parties, and other events.


Our Kindergarten through 4th grade will also attend two off-campus field trips a year that will fall in line with their units of study.

Homeschool Cohort

Go Christian Academy also has a homeschool cohort option.  Learn more by clicking the button below.

Our Specials
Music and Movement Class

A music and movement class will be provided for all GCA students once a week, Preschool and Elementary students.  The elements of music, rhythm, melody, harmony, form, style, and expression will be introduced through age-appropriate performing, moving, creating, and listening. All types of music will be used including folk, classical, patriotic, and Christian.


Spanish (Preschool 3, Pre –K 4, and all Elementary students)

This class offers an introduction to Spanish using games, songs, and other activities. All elementary students will use the Bob Jones University curriculum for their Spanish class. This class will take an innovative and engaging approach to help students not only learn about Spanish, but Students will learn basic Spanish, listen to the gospel in Spanish, and study Spanish-speaking countries around the world.


Art (Pre-K 4 and Elementary age students) 

We are excited to add two new specials to our curriculum at Go Christian Academy, a structured art class is one of the new specials classes. We will use the ABEKA curriculum for our art classes. The art class will use a wide variety of art activities from making a sponge painting to crafting a Hawaiian lei, students will love the 37 projects in this age-appropriate art program for Pre K -4 students and up. They will develop their manipulative skills through coloring, painting, tracing, drawing, cutting, and gluing with a variety of materials. Whether it’s making a George Washington hat in February or an Easter cross in March, the monthly themes give them projects to enjoy and proudly display. The projects are correlated with academics, Bible teaching, and the seasons.


Physical Education (Pre-K 4 and Elementary age students)

Another specials class we have added is a structured P.E. class for Pre-K 4’s and Elementary students. Students will attend P.E. once a week where this class will provide students with a variety of physical activities that teach skills and promote lifelong active lifestyles!


We believe at Go Christian Academy that the Preschool and Elementary school years are the beginning of a student’s foundation for learning and that is where the love of learning begins. With that, it is our goal as educators to make sure that each student develops that love of learning and is well-balanced academically, socially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

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