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Monte Beaver

Letter to the GCA Community

It is my pleasure to greet you in my role as Head of School of Go Christian Academy. I am thrilled and humbled to be doing this work at this great school. I am beginning my 36th year in education (not a typo). I spent 30 years in the Douglas County School System. I taught for 12 years. I was an Assistant Principal for 8 years, a Principal for 6 years, and I worked at the Central Office as an Area Director for 4 years. For the last 5 years, I was the Middle School Principal at Landmark Christian School in Fairburn.

I have been married 38 years to my wonderful wife Kathy. We have been blessed with three great children: Matthew, Haley, and Adam. Matthew (Patty) and Haley (Brandon) are both married and in October the Lord will bless our family with our fourth grandchild: Millie (2), Noah (1), Ollie (3 mos), and TBD. I love my family and feel very rich no matter the economy.


I gave my life to Christ when I was seven at a revival at Lithia Springs First Baptist Church. I am a selfish and rebellious child, but my loving Father God continues to work on me and make me more as He created me to be each day. This truth is the main reason I am at GCA. I love my community and the Lord is calling me to step out in faith and to take on a role unlike any I have had. My experiences will help me, but God has led me to unchartered territory. I am so excited to be a part of a great school that has a mission of “Going”! I desire to lead a school that does its job very well. We want to teach children but, most importantly, we want to show them Jesus in everything we do. We want our school to be a light to the community and we want our children to be a light in their families. I know I am not capable of achieving this goal nor is our staff, but God is more than able, and we will trust in Him. I look forward to all the great things God will do at GCA and will be thankful for letting me be a part of what He’s doing here.

Rick Blackstone_edited.jpg
Rick Blackstone
Elementary Principal

Rick Blackstone became interim Director of GCA in February of 2020. Mr. Blackstone has a long career in the education community of Douglasville, Ga. He taught at Alexander High School from 1988-2006. He then ventured into the elementary school arena where he taught at Bill Arp for thirteen years.


Rick and his wife Mitzi have been married since 1991 and members of First Baptist Douglasville since 1991. They have two beautiful daughters Megan and Caroline.

Office Manager

LeaAnn Moore

Preschool Director

Shellie Hunter

Financial Manager

Ann Meek

Director of Advancement

Mandy Johnson

Administrative Staff


Ones Teacher

Jenni Villafuerte

Ones Assistant

Elizabeth Clark

Twos Teacher

Angela Bernal

Twos Teacher

Nicole Cook

Twos Assistant

Terri Goddard

Twos Assistant

Sharon Webster

Threes Teacher

Erin Hopgood

Threes Teacher

Lisa Lewis

Threes Teacher

April Miller

Threes Assistant

Mari Stansbury

Threes Assistant

Crystal Mullins

Threes Assistant/After School Teacher

Eddie Jones

Threes Assistant

Alisa Tucker

Fours Teacher

Trista Murray

Fours Teacher

Crystal Touchet

Fours Teacher

Courtney Johnson

Fours Assistant

Joy Vaughn

Fours Assistant

Cassady Weaver

Fours Assistant

Cass Adams

Elementary School

Kindergarten Teacher

Lisa James

Kindergarten ParaPro

Jordan Williams

First Grade Teacher

Cassie Wright

First Grade Teacher

Kimberly Cox

First Grade ParaPro

Haley Sipe

Second Grade Teacher

Katie Saadat

Third Grade Teacher

Tracy Sipe

Second & Third Grade ParaPro

Jennifer Scott

Fourth Grade Teacher

Kathleen Watley

Fifth Grade Teacher

Maria Smith

Fourth & Fifth Grade ParaPro

Debbie Cummings

Specials Teachers

Preschool Music & Twos Assistant

Joy Stevens

Art & Music Teacher

Tara Larsen

PE Teacher

Jarrod Clark

Spanish Teacher

Lorena Diaz
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