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Our History

First Baptist Church Douglasville started a Christian preschool program in the 1960s. In 2019, Go Christian Academy was born. Our classroom environment encourages critical thinking, problem solving, creative and divergent thinking, and language skills as the foundation of a quality educational program. To fulfill the concept of educating the whole child, we hold the tenets of providing artistic and cultural experiences to further the development of the child.

Our Purpose

GCA exists to bring glory to God as we love our students well by educating them Biblically and academically into becoming equipped disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our Guiding Principles
  • Our decisions are guided by God's Word.

  • Our decisions are guided by students' needs.

  • Our decisions are guided by what will uplift and move our school forward as a whole.


Our Core Values

As a community of believers, we desire revival. We want everyone to know Jesus and his free offer of salvation to all who believe in Him and trust in His name. To help bring that about, GCA strives to be a school that has:

  • A Welcoming Culture


All GCA—staff, parents, and children—is an extended family. Our students will be taught and loved as individuals. They will and feel they are loved by God and his or her teachers and administrators. As a result, our students are happy in their learning and playing. Parents are happy, because they know their children are loved.

  • A United Service

GCA teachers have a professional respect for each other. Our staff interacts with each other in humility and love, even when there is disagreement. We seek unity and take steps to continually pray and fellowship together. Our students will see their teachers encouraging and praying for each other and praising God in all things.

  • A Preferring Love

GCA staff, as best we can, will love our students, parents, and co-workers as God loves us. We are welcoming, loving, and respectful to all our stakeholders. Because we choose to love God and love others, we are happy in our work.

  • A Heaven-sought Wisdom

God is the central part of every aspect in our school. Our staff is committed to putting in the work to grow in Christ. We depend on God as our resource as we plant seeds and build biblical foundations in the lives of our children. Because our parents know our love for God and love for their children, they feel comfortable discussing concerns with their teachers.

  • An Awe-struck Purpose

The GCA staff understands that we are called here by God and our work has eternal purpose. We educate with a foundation of the love of Christ. Because we want to be excellent in achieving our purpose, teachers are supported in their growth through consistent and relevant professional learning. We will encourage our students to have a curiosity to learn more about God. Our students will know they are created uniquely and specially in the image of God. Our parents will partner with teachers to build the best possible learning environment for their children. Our parents are confident in knowing that God is the center of our teaching.

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